Who the Trust can help

The Aim of the Trust is to help all ages from young to old within the Parish of Wendover and the Moor Park Estate. Help may range from assisting individuals with specific one-off needs, to projects involving clubs and organisations or sometimes larger requirements spread over several years.

A full list of the clubs and organisations which have benefited from the Lionel Abel-Smith Trust over the years may be found on the “Achievements” page.

The Trustees are particularly interested to learn of individual residents in need.
Some examples of grant assistance are towards:

• Training, Apprenticeship and college courses: some assistance with associated costs.
• Chairlifts and other aids for the elderly and disadvantaged.
• Help with medical needs of disabled
• Specific equipment purchase
• Improved teaching facilities in schools
• Help for people persuing their talent, especially youth.
• Building repairs & improvements (eg Village Hall)
• Special Interest eg. Music, Horticulture
• Sports improvements eg. Cricket, Swimming, Tennis
• Essential needs in complicated circumstances
• Environmental sustainability eg. against HS2